Bangalore Weather

Geographical Locations & Weathers In Bangalore

Bangalore lies in the Southeast quadrant of the state at 12 degrees 8 minutes N Latitude and 77 degree 37 minutes East Longitude. As much as 119 sq km of the city is covered with lakes and tanks- Floor Lake, Kempambudhi Tank, Sankey's Tank, Sampangi Tank are to name a few.

Bangalore Seasons

There are four main seasons that are characterized by different climatic conditions. Locates at an altitude of 920m(3,021 ft.), Bangalore boasts Delightful weather throughout the year. The average temperature in the warmest month of April registers to 27.1degree centigrade while in the coldest month of January, it is 20.48 degree centigrade. Evenings are cool and pleasant throughout the year.


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